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I have read each of the books listed below and I can personally recommend each of them. I wanted to highlight these for your consideration. Our BEST RECOMMENDATION for improving your "Pattern Recognition Skills" is Harrington on Holdem: Strategic Play (see Below): YOU CANNOT GO WRONG with this book (the practice hands and associated "hand analysis" is BRILLIANT).
Greg Mallon, Editor

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Harrington on Holdem, Vol 2: The Endgame, by "Action" Dan Harrington

"Endgame" will specifically focus on the difficult nature of short-handed and heads up competition at the final table. The first volume in this series became an instant classic. You may order your copy "EndGame" at the link on the left. Based on the content in the first volume, we expect Volume 2 to be an instant hit. CLICK On the link to your left (which will take you to Amazon.com), then click on the "Preorder This Item" link. AMAZON is very quick to get you the book as soon as it becomes available. You will probably get it before you see it in the stores.

Book Description (From Amazon.com)
"Poker has taken America by storm. But it’s not just any form of poker that has people across the country so excited — it’s no-limit hold ’em — the main event game. And now — thanks to televised tournaments — tens of thousands of new players are eager to claim their share of poker glory. In the first volume of this series, Harrington on Hold ’em: Volume I: Strategic Play, Dan Harrington explained how to play in the early phases of tournaments, when most players at the table had plenty of chips, and the blinds and antes were small. This book, Harrington on Hold ’em: Volume II: The Endgame shows you how to play in the later phases of a tournament, when the field has been cut down, the blinds and antes are growing, and the big prize money is within sight. Harrington shows you how to make moves, handle tricky inflection point plays, and maneuver when the tournament is down to its last few players and the end is in sight. He’s also included a whole chapter on heads-up play, whose strategies up to now have been a closely-guarded secret of the game’s top masters.

Dan Harrington won the gold bracelet and the World Champion title at the $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold ’em Championship at the 1995 World Series of Poker. And he was the only player to make it to the final table in 2003 (field of 839) and 2004 (field of 2,576) — considered by cognoscenti to be the greatest accomplishment in WSOP history. In Harrington on Hold ’em, Harrington and two-time World Backgammon Champion Bill Robertie have written the definitive book on no-limit hold ’em for players who want to win — and win big." -Amazon.com

Editor's Note: I have seen the sub-title "name" of this book referred to on various websites as "Endplay" and "Endgame". The actual sub-title is "The Endgame", with the full name being: "Harrington on Holdem, Vol 2: The Endgame".
Greg Mallon - Editor, PokerDecision.com

Harrington On Holdem: Strategic Play, "Action" Dan Harrington

"Harrington on Holdem: Strategic Play": Wow! What can I say? I have enough books to open my own poker library, but this one sits all alone at the top of the list. I still have great respect for some of the so-called classics, like Doyle Brunson's "Super System" (see below), but when it comes to learning No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament play, this book stands high above the rest. It is just chock-full of practical information and numerous practice hands with such clear and concise explanations, it will be worth every cent. I can say that this book has helped me more than any other, and I dare say I own every "relevant" poker book out there on the subject. You simply CANNOT go wrong with this book.

Super System II, Doyle Brunson

Super System (the original published many years ago, in 1978, by Doyle Brunson) has long been known as the BIBLE of poker. I originally bought Super System II (thinking it was a much different book than the original). That was not correct. They are basically the same book, with Super System II being an UPDATED version of the original. The book is structured such that Doyle Brunson has one "guest author" dedicated to each specific chapter. While some of the chapters have new authors and a new slant on a topic, they are still fundamentally the same book. The key chapters in my mind are the sections on NO LIMIT and LIMIT holdem, written by Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harmon respectively. Now that Super System 2 has been released, you really don't "need" the original. Doyle's chapter on No Limit, for instance, is almost verbatim the same chapter. If cash is tight, simply buy Super System 2 - and you will have "The Bible". If, for historical purposes, you just want to read the more out-of-date chapters in the original, then by all means pick up Super System. It still has some interesting stuff in the there. Click on the link to the left to buy the UPDATED version, Super System 2. While I bought it mainly for the chapter on No Limit Holdem (by Doyle), I was much impressed by the new chapter on limit holdem by Jennifer Harmon (most excellent!). For fans of Daniel Negreanu, he writes the chapter on "Triple Draw" (an obscure poker game mostly played at the higher limits). Personally, I was disappointed that Daniel wrote this section. I was like, "Triple What?". I am a big fan of Negreanu's and would have preferred he cover a game I actually knew. Still, all-in-all, this is the new version of Brunson's Bible of Poker - a must have.

Theory of Poker, David Sklansky

Whether you've heard of this book or not, I can guarantee the pro's have not only heard of it, but they all have well worn copies of this book. The question is really "Are you ready for this book?" If you are not familiar with most of Sklansky's books, they are somewhat mathematically oriented. This one in particular, is a true "theory" book and may be considered too "dry" of a read if you are looking for some interesting, exciting poker advice. If you plan to grow as a player, you WILL end up "knowing" this stuff one way or the other - either by trial and error, or by studying this book. This is not the type of book you read once and say "Aha!" It is really meant to be "studied", kind of like a text book in college. Personally, I find it better to review certain sections after I have played a session so I can more easily relate what he is saying to the real world - or at least my low stakes version of the real world. It is broken out into clear chapters so you can find what you want (like if you simply wanted to review the theory of "slow playing" a hand). Again, most pros consider this one of the bibles of their profession. The question is really "Have you played enough yet to understand it?". I think I bought this book before I was "ready for it", but I am glad I did, because it got me to at least start thinking and considering things as I continued to progress. To purchase this book, click on the AMAZON icon on the left or click HERE.

Championship No Limit and Pot Limit Holdem, T.J. Cloutier

"T.J. Cloutier has won more major poker tournament events than any other player in history."

Hmmmm? Nuff Said??? That, in and of itself, ought to make you "consider" buying this book. To me, buying this book was a no-brainer. First of all, most people have rated it pretty high (see Amazon ratings and other reviews by clicking on ICON to left). I like this book for the same reason that I like Dan Harrington's book: "Harrington on Holdem: Strategic Play". They both cover t the same topic, No Limit Holdem tournament play. They both give NUMEROUS example hands (practice hands) with clear, concise explanations. Although I rate Harrington's book a bit higher, I think this book is brilliantly written. The most you can hope for is to feel like the guy is sitting there with you and explaining how to play No Limit at a high level. I get the feeling that T.J. held nothing back here. Again, we are going into the mind of a guy who has won more major tournaments than ANYONE in history. Nuff Said? Absolutely.

You may purchase this book by clicking on the ICON on left. It will take you to AMAZON.COM where you will have an opportunity to read more reviews on this book prior to purchase. Highly recommended.

Play Poker Like the Pros, Phil Helmuth

If you do not care for Phil Helmuth, don't let that stop you from buying this book. Some people have said that they do not care for the fact that Phil talks a lot about himself in this book. I say, "so what?". The book is GOOD. Personally, I think the more you can begin to "think" like a professional poker player, the better off you are and this book goes a long way toward accomplishing that goal. This book focuses mostly on No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit Holdem "tournament strategy". So if you are looking to improve you results in tournaments, this is a good place to start. This is NOT one of the most complex books out there on tournament play - not by a long shot. In fact, this is the KNOCK some people have against this book - that it is too simplistic. But, I think if you are starting out, the advice in this book will keep you out of trouble as your are beginning to learn and develop your own style. The simplicity and "readability" are really the STRONG POINTS of this book. It is entertaining - unless of course you "loathe" Phil. If so, I would say "get over it", get the book and help yourself begin to develop as a player. Helmuth just won the 2005 No Limit Holdem "Heads Up" championship. Whatever you might think about him, you WILL learn from him. You may purchase the book by clicking on the AMAZON icon on the left or by clicking HERE

Winning Low Limit Holdem, Lee Jones

Lee Jones book is widely accepted as the must have fundamental book for anyone wanting to start playing LIMIT TEXAS HOLDEM. This book does not discuss the NO LIMIT game. However, if you are interested in playing limit holdem and have not had much experience (or even if you have but are not getting the success you'd hoped for), this book is worth the money. It's a relatively small book that really gets to the fundamentals in a clear and concise manner. Again, if you are starting out and you want to have moderate success quickly so you can enjoy the game, there is no better place to start. Highly recommended.

Small Stakes Holdem, Ed Miller

Review of Small Stakes Holdem by Ed Miller coming...

The Psychology of Poker, Alan N., Ph.D. Schoomaker

Review of The Psychology of Poker coming...

Learn French if you want to play at the Aviation Club - :-)

Quick and Easy FRENCH

World Poker Tour - SEASON TWO

Even without the commentary, the DVD's are a great tool for study, but the commentary is a great bonus. I like Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak, but their commentary is more just joking around and not much on the how's and why's of the hands being played. I still enjoyed it, but that was not really what I was hoping for. Daniel Negreanu and Eric "E-Dog" Lindgren had fun doing their commentaries - but they put a little more effort into explaining what was probably going on in a professional poker player's head. That was worth much more to me.

Overall - this kind of stuff is priceless, if you are willing to put the time in. The best thing to get out of these DVD's is how the better players learn to play and profit from more marginal hands. Alot of new players will sit back and wait for Aces and Kings. These DVDs will help get you thinking outside that box.

Program Listing:
a) Bicycle Casino’s Legends Of Poker – Los Angeles, CA
b) Borgata Poker Open In Atlantic City – Atlantic City, NJ
a) Foxwoods’ World Poker Finals – Mashantucket, CT
b) Bellagio’s Five Diamond World Poker Classic – Las Vegas, NV
a) Grand Prix De Paris – Paris, France
b) Aruba Hosts Ultimate Poker Classic – Aruba
a) Caribbean Poker Adventure With PokerStars – Caribbean Cruise
"The Caribbean Poker Adventure" has ADDITIONAL commentary with Eric Lindgren and Daniel Negreanu.
b) Binion’s World Poker Open – Tunica, MS
a) Commerce Casino’s L.A. Poker Classic – Los Angeles, CA
"L.A. Poker Classic" has ADDITIONAL commentary with Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak.
b) WPT Celebrity Invitational – Commerce Casino, Los Angeles, CA
"WPT Celebrity Invitational" has ADDITIONAL commentary with Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak.
a) San Jose’s Bay 101 Shooting Stars Of Poker – San Jose, CA
b) Cruisin’ Mexico With The PartyPoker Million – Aboard the Sea of Cortez, Mexican Riviera
"Cruisin’ Mexico" has ADDITIONAL commentary with Eric Lindgren and Daniel Negreanu.
a) Reno Hilton’s World Poker Challenge – Reno, NV
b) World Poker Tour Championship – Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
-Expanded "Poker Corner" Special: WPT Championship
-Player Profiles: Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Jr., Jennifer Harman, Gus Hansen and Howard Lederer
-Poker Takes Over Hollywood: A look at Hollywood’s fascination with poker
-Poker Corners: Shana takes you inside the world of poker with tips on improving your game.

Shana Hiatt - World Poker Tour Poker Girl Shana Hiatt Leaving WPT TV Show:  While this has not much to do with the DVD set per se, I wanted to mention to those who may not know that Shana Hiatt (the Poker Girl) is leaving the WPT series. Apparently she wants to maybe get into acting or persue it more than she has. This is a big disappointment for fans of the WPT. At any rate, a number of the "Poker Corners" by Shana that we have seen throughout the series will be on this DVD set. If you have not seen the WPT championship this year (2005), watch the end and you will see Antonio Esfandiari ("The Magician") make Shana disappear at the end of the show. A nice way to go out.

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