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Spin (Twirl) a Poker Chip - STEP 1 of 8 [ Starting Position ]

By Greg Mallon
MPEG Video of Chip Spin Trick with Right Hand <--- WATCH VIDEO of Chip Spin
To start, the three poker chips are stacked as shown and held between the thumb and the forefinger (index finger). The placement of the MIDDLE and RING fingers are critical. The TIP of the middle finger (and only the TIP), is pressed against the INNER BLACK CHIP. This has the effect of "pinning" the INNER BLACK chip between the thumb and middle finger (see Photos 1B & 1C). The index finger (forefinger / first finger) simply helps hold the stack in place, touching all three chips.

The thumb and the ring finger are touching with the ring finger "extended outward a bit" for reasons I will explain in the next step. Remember, you are not moving anything yet, you are simply assuming a starting position. While it may seem a bit awkward to start this way, with practice you will easily return your fingers to this position with little thought or effort.   You may be wondering how firmly you need to hold the stack of poker chips to execute this move. Ultimately the pressure of your fingers on the chip stack will be "very light" - in fact, as you get better you will begin to relax the pressure of your fingers on the chips (and it will become even easier).

[ KEY POINT: There are two main "pressure points" to focus on as you hold the chip stack in your starting position. The FIRST is the tip of the middle finger on the INNER chip (as we discussed). The SECOND is the THUMB on the OUTER chip. Your should bend your thumb "inward" (ever so slightly) to focus pressure on the "top part" of the "outer chip" (see Photo 1C). As you might guess, with pressure on the OUTER BLACK CHIP and INNER BLACK CHIP, the MIDDLE (RED) CHIP will be the one that is FREE to MOVE. ]

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