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Strategy for Crushing the No Limit Texas Holdem "Online Penny Poker" Games

By DaytonaGreg

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Crushing Penny Poker?

OK, full disclosure… We're not really talking about "crushing" the game (but it makes for a good title). It is, after all, penny poker. Your not going to retire on what I am about to explain to you. But what you can do is consistently "beat" the game for a couple bucks an hour. And if you like to play online poker, or you are looking to improve your game without going broke or spending a lot, this is really a fun way to put some time in and make some small money while you are doing it.

How much money are we talking about? (why bother reading more, right?)

You won't get rich. It may sound a bit humorous to say you are "dominating" or "crushing" the penny games, but if you enjoy playing texas holdem and you want to play real online poker, this is a great strategy for consistent winning. While this strategy will not function well at the higher stakes (in fact it may begin to break down rather quickly at the .25/.50 games), I assure you that when applied correctly you can consistently make over 30BB/hour. Translation? Since .04-cents is considered a "big bet" at the .01/.02 stakes no limit games, we are talking about $1.20 per hour for very little risk. Now that may not sound like much, but the great thing about it is that it really adds up, it's pretty easy money, and, if you are someone that likes to play a lot of $1 tournaments for fun, this system will pay for all the $1 tournaments you care to play. For a lot of players, that would be "nirvana" - being able to freeroll all the $1 tournaments they want. I personally average over 50BB/hour using this system. Playing a couple of hours every other night, I have averaged over $100 per month. My personal record in less than one hour was a little over $17. Just for fun (and there is absolutely no rationale for this, but if you were to play FULL-TIME and make 55BB/hour playing the $10/$20 no limit holdem game you would be making approximately $4,576,000/year (over 4 million dollars a year - but like I said, this strategy "will not fly" at the higher stakes - but it is interesting and fun to think about). By the way, when you are tired of penny poker and you are looking to start killing the bigger online games, there is no better no limit texas holdem book on this planet than Dan Harrington's, Harrington on Holdem, Strategic Play, Vol 1.

Table 1.1 - Greg's Stats from PokerTracker (Online Penny Poker only)

( November 25th, 2005 to January 20th, 2006 - About 2 months)

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