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No Limit Texas Holdem Strategy: Depositing Money Online

One of the frustrating things you may run into when you decide you want to play poker online is trying to actually deposit money at one of the poker sites. Most people first try their credit card and the "purchase" is actually rejected, not because you have bad credit, but because the credit card companies are on the lookout for fraud - especially related to gambling. If you are doing this for the first time, I recommend doing the following: First, if you have no major preference as to online poker sites, I would start with Party Poker. The main reason is that there are so many players (many new such as yourself), that the competition will not be as tough as it might be on another site. Party Poker does a whole lot of advertising to bring new players to the game and it is probably best that you play against newbies like yourself. The downside to Party Poker has been that they typically have not offered "micro-limit" games that those on a tight budget might like. Recently, however, Party Poker just began offering $1 and $2 no limit tournaments which might be a good place to start.

At any rate, I would start with Party Poker. To overcome the possible credit card hurdle, Party Poker allows you to purchase a "phone card" (from one of their preferred vendors), and then immediately transfer the money from that phone card to your Party Poker account. This works like a breeze. Simply go to the "cashier" link on Party Poker and choose to "buy". A website will come up with all options to pay, including Visa, Phone Card, Net Teller, etc. Simply choose the phone card option, purchase the card ($50 minimum) and a card number will be issued to you, along with a PIN number. It is integrated so that as soon as you purchase the phone card, you will be taken back to a Party Poker web page to enter the number and PIN. The money will immediately be transfered and you will see it in your Party Poker account (under the Cashier link) within a few seconds.

Here is a recap of your options to deposit at Party Poker:

Phone Card0.0  
Net Teller0.0  
Credit Card (Visa, etc)0.0  
Western Union0.0  
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